On-Demand Webinar: Improving Patient Access to Medications by Simplifying the Prescription Process

Tune in as panelists will discuss the biggest challenges in the prescription process and implications to patients, as well as opportunities to improve medication access using technology. On this webinar, you will learn about: Current gaps in the patient access journey and implications Opportunities to improve medication access for patients How technology can streamline the prescription process Digital health tools that can be leveraged in the healthcare journey; and How simplifying access to medication will drive improved health outcomes

On-Demand Webinar: Tech Enabled Patient Access

Technology is the driving force behind transforming patient access. On this webinar, you'll discover trusted strategies and best practices for building a technology-enabled access strategy from seasoned leaders from Phil, Merck, Impel, Syneos Health, and Fierce Pharma. Watch this webinar to learn about: Why simplifying the patient access experience is critical to realize strong results What brands should look for in a commercialization partner How various pharmacy models impact a brand's strategic priorities What data is needed to respond the complexities of utilization management Transform your Patient Access Experience PhilRx is a seamless patient access platform designed to create a best-in-class experience for patients and providers