Drive Access with the PhilRx Digital Hub

Improve medication access, coverage, and GTN while delivering a seamless patient and provider experience for your retail and specialty-lite brands.

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The PhilRx Experience

Discover how the PhilRx Digital Hub can help your brand maximize coverage and deliver a best-in-class patient and provider experience.

Achieve Transformative Brand Outcomes

Improving medication access, coverage, and adherence to boost GTN


Patient enrollment


HCP PA Submissions


Covered Dispenses


Refill Adherence

Drive Access, Coverage, and GTN

Drive the outcomes that matter to your patients and providers

Drive Patient Engagement

Drive Patient Engagement

Enroll more patients in your support services. Our platform simplifies the enrollment process, resulting
 in higher engagement and more patients starting and staying on therapy.

Maximize Covered Dispenses

Maximize Covered Dispenses

Convert market access into covered dispenses. Our platform streamlines the prior authorization process for providers, and empowers your team with data and insights at the territory and provider level so you can make strategic optimizations.

Boost Refill Adherence

Boost Refill Adherence

Help your patients stay on therapy seamlessly. Our platform automates the refill process and allows patients to receive their prescriptions directly to their doorstep each month, driving industry-leading adherence rates.

A Fully Integrated Digital Hub Solution

Empowering retail and specialty-lite brands to overcome medication access barriers

Digital Engagement Platform

Patients enroll in real-time on their phone, eliminating the need for lengthy forms and disruptive phone calls.

Technology Enabled Hub & PA Services

Out software streamlines the prior authorization process for providers and providers visibility at every stage of the journey.

Software Integrated, Dispense Network

Our 50-state pharmacy network is designed to maximize coverage and improve access.

Field Team Enablement

We equip your field team with the insights, tools, and resources needed to drive patient access, provider engagement, and brand outcomes.

Data-Driven Hub Optimization

We translate real-time data into actionable insights at the territory and provider level to help you scale brand performance.

Wholesale Distribution

Our integrated wholesale arm services our network and offers enhanced control over inventory.

How the PhilRx Digital Hub Platform Works

Empower Your Commercial Teams

Discover how we drive outcomes across your organization

Commercial Executives

Our platform unlocks payer coverage to reduce reliance on your free goods programs, improving profitability while offering a best-in-class patient and provider experience.

Marketing & Sales

Our platform simplifies the medication access journey, ensuring patients can easily afford, start, and adhere to therapy. Our trusted approach drives brand adoption and loyalty.

Market Access

Our software-driven PA process results in high sent-to-plan rates and ensures prescriptions are routed to pharmacies contracted with a patient's insurance.

Trade & Procurement

Our platform is designed to help you make your distribution and delivery processes as streamlined as possible, for the best possible prices for your brand portfolio.

Patient Access

Our platform is designed to help you maximize patient outcomes through a digitally-driven access experienced, exceeding patients desires and expectations.

Digital Health

Our platform provides a modern, digitally-driven patient access journey that provides a friction-less experience for all stakeholders, including providers, payers, and pharmacies.

What Our Patients Say

Improve Patient Access, Provider Engagement, and Brand Outcomes

Our team will work with you to develop a channel strategy that maximizes patient access, provider engagement and brand outcomes.

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