On-Demand Webinar: Designing a Digital Patient Access Journey

With 90% of patients wanting to access healthcare through technology, a digital-first access program is now a must (Accenture). Discover the building blocks of a digital access journey that supports your patients from activation through adherence. Learn trusted strategies and best practices from our expert panel from Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group, US Pharma Consulting, and Phil Inc

On-Demand Webinar: Optimizing Your Field Team to Maximize Patient Access

Field teams play a critical role in securing patient access.  As a key player in your brand's success, your field team must command a mastery of your brand's strategic goals in order to effectively drive HCP loyalty and maximize patient access. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to design a modern field team model that mobilizes your field team to drive patient access with leaders from Phil and Real Endpoints

On-Demand Webinar: Your Guide to Building An Exceptional Telemedicine Program

All innovative therapies should consider a telemedicine strategy in order to meet patient demands and drive commercial success. On this webinar, you'll hear from industry experts at Phil and Prescribery as they share strategies and best practices for building and scaling a powerful telemedicine program that drives transformative brand outcomes. Watch this webinar to learn about: Evolving patient expectations for digitally-driven care Key components of a successful telemedicine program How to measure the impact and effectiveness of your telemedicine program Why you should watch: Patient expectations for virtual care have radically changed

On-Demand Webinar: Patient Access Strategies to Drive Sustained Brand Growth

In today’s complex channel environment, commercial teams must optimize their patient access strategy for sustainable brand growth. Tune in as seasoned industry experts, Patrick Coyle, Founder & CEO of Novus Proximus LLC and Daniel Johnson, Director of Product Marketing at Phil, share how you can develop an integrated patient access strategy that unites your hub, field team, and services programs into a supercharged growth engine. On this webinar, you’ll learn: Optimal commercial structure to respond to evolving channel dynamics Best practices for aligning field teams to promote organizational goals Understanding of the impact of financial barriers to patient success Key success metrics for a successful patient access program How to use data to optimize field and access program outcomes

On-Demand Webinar: Improving Patient Access to Medications by Simplifying the Prescription Process

Tune in as panelists will discuss the biggest challenges in the prescription process and implications to patients, as well as opportunities to improve medication access using technology. On this webinar, you will learn about: Current gaps in the patient access journey and implications Opportunities to improve medication access for patients How technology can streamline the prescription process Digital health tools that can be leveraged in the healthcare journey; and How simplifying access to medication will drive improved health outcomes

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