On-Demand Webinar: Improving Access, Coverage, and GTN with Digital Hubs


Your patient support services should drive quick, easy, and affordable access to your retail and specialty-lite therapies. If your approach isn’t delivering the outcomes that you (and your patients and providers) expect, consider an alternative channel strategy. With a strategic digital hub, you can offer an end-to-end patient and provider experience that drives access, coverage, and GTN for your retail and specialty-lite brands. Hear from seasoned leaders at Phil as they share actionable takeaways to help you unlock the full potential of your access strategy.

Watch this webinar to learn about: 

  • Why branded retail and specialty-lite manufacturers are challenged to improve access and affordability through traditional support services

  • Key strategies for building a digital hub that supports patients and providers throughout the medication access journey

  • How brands are improving patient access, provider engagement, and brand outcomes with an alternative channel strategy

Drive access with a best-in-class digital hub

Leverage a digital hub that is designed to improve performance for retail and specialty-lite brands. Request a tour of the PhilRx Digital Hub.

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