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Meet Haley DeCoy, Pharmacy Manager at Phil

Haley DeCoy joined Phil right out of pharmacy school because she was interested in a non-traditional career path. Check out her employee spotlight to discover what motivates her and the major milestones she helps the pharmacy team achieve at Phil. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Phil

Proactive Steps to Overcoming the Top 3 Patient Access Barriers to Retail and Specialty-Lite Therapies

Ensuring patients get started and adhere to their medications is critical to achieving optimal health outcomes. However, navigating the medication access journey is no longer straightforward. An estimated 1 out of 4 prescriptions are abandoned at the pharmacy, and a recent report found that more than 8 out of 10 patients encounter delays in accessing the medications they need to manage their health

Meet Abhyuday Polineni, Director of Engineering at Phil

In this Employee Spotlight, Abhy, our Director of Engineering, shares a behind-the-scenes look at his role in helping to shape the PhilRx Digital Hub to impact health outcomes, along with the challenges and successes that come with ensuring that the platform runs smoothly. Please tell us a little bit about your role as Director of Engineering at Phil. I lead and manage our platform, and the team that handles everything that happens across the prescription journey, from when a prescription is written by the healthcare provider to Phil until it is shipped out to the patient

5 Ways PhilRx Meets Patients’ Expectations for Digital Healthcare

From travel and entertainment to shopping and banking, digital experiences surround consumers daily. So, it should come as no surprise that they have high expectations for seamless and connected digital experiences in healthcare. And these expectations are driving demand

Meet Neil Dean, Director of Product Management at Phil

Neil Dean joined our team as Director of Product Management because he wanted the opportunity to directly impact lives. In this employee spotlight, Neil shares what he likes most about his role, how he approaches challenges, and a project he’s passionate about.   Please tell us a little bit about your role at Phil