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Meet Renee Kasun, VP of Business Development at Phil

Renee Kasun recently joined our team as Vice President of Business Development, bringing over 20+ years of sales experience. Discover how Renee plans to leverage her industry expertise to support growth at Phil. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Phil

The Case for an Alternative Channel Strategy in 2024 and Beyond

By Scott Hughes, Vice President of Business Development at Phil A major challenge for life science companies that manufacture specialty-lite therapies is finding a channel strategy that offers the level of access services patients and healthcare providers (HCPs) need at a price point that supports the brand's financial health. Typically, brand teams string together a network of brick-and-mortar retail or specialty pharmacies and either work with multiple vendors to build a traditional call-center-based hub or rely on the specialty pharmacies to provide these services. The result is that the brands' gross-to-net cannot sustainably support this channel strategy

Meet Allison Laubenthal, Director of Client Success at Phil

We are excited to feature Allison Laubenthal, our Director of Client Success, in this employee spotlight. Allison’s wealth of healthcare experience gives her deep expertise and understanding of our clients’ goals and challenges and how to navigate them. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Phil

How Non-Dispensing Pharmacies can Improve the Patient Access Journey

Patients struggling with complex medical conditions face a growing number of barriers to access, afford, and adhere to the innovative therapies their providers prescribe. In 2022, out-of-pocket costs led to the abandonment of 94 million prescriptions. And in a 2023 survey, 97% of medical practices said their patients had experienced care delays or denials due to increased prior authorization requirements

Meet Haley DeCoy, Pharmacy Manager at Phil

Haley DeCoy joined Phil right out of pharmacy school because she was interested in a non-traditional career path. Check out her employee spotlight to discover what motivates her and the major milestones she helps the pharmacy team achieve at Phil. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Phil