Innovating Your HCP Engagement Model

9 in 10 providers expect pharmaceutical companies to help them address their challenges and concerns. Is your team leveraging the right strategy in the right channels at the right time to effectively educate and engage providers. This playbook unpacks the current state of HCP engagement for retail and specialty-lite brands, and offers a 4-point proven strategy for innovating the HCP engagement model through data and technology

Key Success Factors to Drive Brand Excellence

Your support services are critical to ensuring that your patients can start and stay on therapy, easily and affordably. With UM barriers increasing, a digital hub can be an effective channel solution, creating a seamless access experience that supports patients, providers, and manufacturer brand teams across the prescription journey. Download this playbook to learn about the core elements of a digital hub, and the five success factors you can optimize to accelerate the performance of your retail and specialty-lite brands

Streamlining Access with PhilRx

Medication access, affordability, and adherence challenges are no longer inevitable for retail and specialty-lite brands. Offer a digital access experience that meets patients and providers where they’re at while maximizing coverage and GTN with PhilRx. This one-pager uncovers how PhilRx can help you break through barriers and drive transformative brand outcomes

Designing an Exceptional Life Sciences Hub

Hub services represent a major touchpoint with patients and healthcare providers, yet many brands struggle to effectively drive engagement. To support today’s patients and providers, brand teams should consider a digital patient services model that maximizes patient access. Chart a new course with this playbook, where you’ll dive into the data behind digital hubs, learn key strategies for maximizing hub adoption, and read success stories from life sciences manufacturers that have successfully introduced a digital hub

Optimizing the Field Team for Improved Brand Outcomes

Life sciences manufacturers are facing significant access and affordability challenges. It’s time to evolve the traditional field model to a strategic approach that helps HCPs navigate patient access with ease. Read this white paper for innovative strategies and best practices to empower your field team to improve brand performance