Key Success Factors to Drive Brand Excellence

A playbook for branded retail and specialty-lite manufacturers looking to create an optimal channel strategy that improves patient access, provider engagement, and brand outcomes

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Your support services are critical to ensuring that your patients can start and stay on therapy, easily and affordably. With UM barriers increasing, a digital hub can be an effective channel solution, creating a seamless access experience that supports patients, providers, and manufacturer brand teams across the prescription journey. Download this playbook to learn about the core elements of a digital hub, and the five success factors you can optimize to accelerate the performance of your retail and specialty-lite brands.

In this playbook, you’ll learn about:

  • Current access and affordability challenges affecting patients, providers, and brands

  • How digital hubs can help retail and specialty-lite brands improve performance

  • Key success factors for driving brand outcomes through a digital hub

Optimize brand performance

Your channel partner should be a strategic stakeholder in your brand success. With PhilRx, life sciences leaders are seeing 90% patient enrollment rates, 2x higher coverage, and 3x refill adherence compared to traditional approaches - book a demo to learn more.

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