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The Impact of Time Constrained HCPs on Life Sciences Commercialization and How Manufacturers Should Adapt

Workflows within physician practices have drastically evolved over the last few decades. This shift is due to the transition to value-based payment models, technological advancements, and changing patient expectations for a modern access experience. Additionally, health insurer policies designed to manage growing healthcare resource utilization continue to disrupt the natural flow of patient care by introducing new administrative requirements that create challenges for providers

Conventional Biopharma Commercial Strategies are No Longer Enough

In an era where life sciences companies face unprecedented costs to bring novel therapies to market and declining expected returns upon launch, conventional commercialization strategies are insufficient to deliver brand success. The traditional approach of driving demand to the top of the funnel through clinical differentiation, expensive media campaigns, and large field sales forces no longer guarantees adequate product adoption and long-term financial viability under the constraints of intricate utilization management requirements. Thus, a paradigm shift is in order – one that centers around an integrated commercial strategy that is laser-focused on patient access and underpinned by gross-to-net optimization

Meet Angie Stigliano, Operations Lead Pharmacist at Phil

This week, we had the opportunity to interview Angie Stigliano, Operational Lead Pharmacist, for our Employee Spotlight series. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit about her, and her experience at Phil. Tell me a little bit about yourself and what brought you to Phil I have been a pharmacist since 2016

Why Transparency is Critical in the Patient Access Journey

The Healthcare system is notoriously complicated and opaque, making it arduous for patients to navigate successfully. That’s why there’s been a legislative push to increase transparency across through policies such as the No Surprises Act and Hospital Pricing Transparency rule. Getting access to prescribed therapies to treat complex medical conditions can be especially difficult and stressful for patients

How Life Science Brands Can Successfully Navigate Retail Challenges

In 2021, 3 out of 4 patients who tried to fill a launch brand were unsuccessful due to payer controls. As life science companies continue to launch innovative specialty-lite therapies, adopting a distribution strategy that ensures patients can access the brand as prescribed – efficiently and affordably – can mean the difference between a successful launch and failing to reach their expected value. As the primary channel for most brands, pharmacy networks play a pivotal role in the distribution, fulfillment, and reimbursement of medications, which means the brand's short- and long-term commercial success ultimately hinges on pharmacy performance