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Is your Patient Access Hub a Strategic Partner?

By Kelly Green, Vice President of Client Success at Phil, Inc. For patients prescribed a specialty or specialty-lite medication, getting started and staying on that therapy is typically a complex and expensive journey. That’s why many life science brands are increasingly turning to hub providers to support patient access and affordability

Digital Health’s Role in Transforming How Healthcare is Delivered

Editor’s Note: As the healthcare ecosystem continues to undergo significant digital transformations, life sciences companies would be wise to consider the impact of this evolution on one of their most important stakeholders - health care providers (HCPs). The fusion of the increased prevalence of blended care models, staff shortages, and higher utilization management requirements have resulted in an environment where HCPs find themselves more constrained than ever. This has made it more challenging for life sciences companies to effectively engage providers to ensure that patients can access their therapies

How Life Sciences Manufacturers can Meet HCP Expectations for Patient Access Support

With payer cost-containment measures continuing to escalate, patient access is top-of-mind for healthcare providers (HCPs) when deciding on prescribed therapy for their patients. Manufacturer-sponsored patient support programs are essential to helping patients get started and afford specialty and specialty-lite medications. A survey of 1,000 physicians found that HCPs believe these programs significantly positively impact their ability to practice medicine – yet, only 60% felt the pharmaceutical industry has robust patient support services

Pharma Commercial Model Requires An Urgent Overhaul: Report

Editor’s Note: In an era where life sciences companies face unprecedented challenges to bring novel therapies to market and declining expected returns, conventional commercialization strategies are insufficient to deliver brand success. The traditional approach of driving demand to the top of the funnel, expensive media campaigns, and large field sales forces no longer guarantees adequate product adoption and long-term financial viability. Thus, a paradigm shift is in order – one that centers around an integrated commercial strategy that is laser-focused on patient access and underpinned by gross-to-net optimization

Enhancing your Patient Access Hub to Drive Brand Success

By Catherine Wood Hill, Vice President of Marketing at Phil, Inc. Biopharma hubs should strive to ensure patients get access to the medications they need quickly and affordably, while easing the manual effort required by prescribers. A positive hub experience builds trust, promotes brand loyalty, and supports ongoing therapy adherence

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