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3 Patient Engagement Technology Myths

A recent survey by Boston Consulting Group, exploring what patients want from pharma companies and how well companies are meeting those needs, revealed a deficiency in patient engagement. The growing demand for improved and more efficient communication between patients and healthcare entities has created an opportunity for pharmaceutical manufacturers to promote patient engagement through digital tools. However, three common myths may be holding them back

6 Healthcare Trends Impacting Pharma Commercialization

What commercialization strategies should life sciences companies focus on as they look ahead. It’s crucial to monitor trends closely to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape better and build winning strategies. Here are the top six healthcare trends affecting pharma commercialization today: 1

Is Your Brand Taking Advantage of Technology?

The pharmaceutical industry generates immense volumes of data, so it would make sense that pharma companies are ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest technologies to transform their operations across the value chain. However, historically, the pharmaceutical sector has been slow to embrace digital technologies. In a highly regulated, high-risk environment, it is no surprise that pharma companies tend to be risk averse

Meet Catherine Hill, VP, Marketing Phil

Catherine Hill Catherine Hill is the Vice President of Marketing at Phil. She joined the company at a pivotal time of growth. In this article Catherine shares what attracted her to Phil as a healthcare outsider and how her personal connection to healthcare drew her to the mission to get patients on life saving therapies

Is Your Pharma Product at Risk for a Mid-Life Crisis?

Commercial launch is an expensive and risky endeavor, especially for small life science companies. According to a recent report, about half of all the drugs launched in the last fifteen years underperformed market expectations by more than 20%. In fact, over half failed to reach $250 million in peak U.S

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