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Phil Inc Adds Additional Duchesnay USA Women’s Healthcare Product to PhilRx

In 2018, after launching Bonjesta® (doxylamine succinate and pyridoxine hydrochloride), Duchesnay USA utilized a combination of retail and specialty pharmacies to support patient access to the medication. This channel strategy experienced challenges, particularly around patient experience and prescription coverage rates. In 2022, the Duchesnay team engaged Phil Inc looking for ways to address their patient experience and access challenges: Shipping time: Patients experienced delays to therapy after paying their out of pocket expenses

3 reasons to work with a commercialization partner

The stakes are high for life science companies when establishing the “best fit” drug distribution and channel strategy for a brand across the lifecycle, particularly since strong market access is no longer a guarantee to ensure a high percentage of covered dispenses at the pharmacy. Many manufacturers know that a critical input into maximizing gross-to-net is the pharmacy network. A robust, and varied national network of pharmacies that combine retail, chain and specialty pharmacies is the best way to maximize plan contract coverage and reimbursement rates

BIO: Big Pharma offers menu of partnering options

Editor’s Note: As the Biotech industry faces unprecedented levels of uncertainty in the midst of a trying macroeconomic environment, it’s more critical than ever for commercial stage innovators to deploy effective go-to-market strategies that generate sustainable brand growth. Sustainable growth strategies are those that maximize adoption (amongst patients & HCPs) while also protecting gross-to-net by avoiding free good overutilization. Such strategies can extend cash runways, provide a positive story for investors, and can even position biotechs for a successful acquisition

How to make the most of your manufacturer-sponsored financial assistance

Life science companies are acutely aware of the financial burden patients face when trying to access branded medications. With an estimated 3 out of 10 American adults not taking medications as prescribed due to cost, affordability is a leading barrier to patient access and something that manufactures have to take seriously if they wish to unlock significant adoption. With rapid initiation of therapy and medication adherence crucial to better patient outcomes and brand viability, making financial assistance programs timely and easily accessible is paramount

Big Pharma sees drug development costs rise

Editor’s Note: As the cost to bring a drug to market reaches all-time highs and expected returns sink in the life sciences industry, manufacturers commercializing innovative therapies must shake off traditional strategies that are waning in their effectiveness. Gone are the days where clinical differentiation, media buys, and a large sales force is enough to ensure adoption and financial sustainability. In the era of specialty and steep utilization management requirements, an integrated commercial approach that places patient access as a first order priority is essential

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