Why did my doctor send my prescription to Phil?

There are several reasons why Doctors choose to send your prescription to Phil:

Pricing: We are able to get special pricing from the manufacturer on numerous commonly used, brand name medications. In addition to special pricing, we take the time to add any applicable manufacturer's coupons to bring pricing down as much as possible for you.-

Prior Authorizations: We work with your Doctor to submit Prior Authorizations should they be required by your insurance for your prescription.

Shipping: Shipping is always free! Your first fill is expedited at no cost to ensure medication can be started ASAP.

Automatic Refills: Removing the hassle of remembering to pick up medications

Support: Our Patient Advocate team is comprised of compassionate and enthusiastic problem-solvers who are here to help. We offer 365 days of support should you have any questions and need assistance!

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