Revolutionizing Patient Access: Introducing the PhilRx Platform

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In the highly-competitive life sciences industry, optimizing access is key to success. Offering timely and affordable access to treatment can significantly improve your patients’ health outcomes, strengthen relationships with your provider network, and determine the overall success of your brand.

Manufacturers at the top of the industry are streamlining medication access by modernizing the patient experience through breaking down utilization management barriers and strengthening workstreams with pharmacies and providers. 

We’re on a mission to help branded retail and specialty-lite therapies achieve their full access potential. See the PhilRx patient access platform in action and discover how we can help your brand thrive. 

• Modern Access Experience

The PhilRx platform is designed to make it as easy as possible for healthcare providers (HCPs) to prescribe treatments to their patients, and for patients to get quick and affordable access to their medications. It eliminates the traditional barriers associated with prescription enrollment, offering a seamless, end-to-end experience for everyone.

• Maximized Covered Dispenses

Phil works with an extensive, 50-state dispense network to ensure patients get on therapy quickly and affordably. Our network is curated to maximize covered dispenses with an industry-leading 98% plan coverage rate. 

• Simplified Prescription Process

Sending and receiving a prescription through the PhilRx platform is simple. HCPs simply send prescriptions to PhilRx via their EMR system - no lengthy hub forms to fill out or software to download. Patients will receive a text from PhilRx to easily enroll and confirm their information, kicking off the benefits verification and fulfillment process. This streamlined process is key to ensuring more patients can access the treatments they need without unnecessary delays at the lowest possible price.

• Enhanced Visibility and Insights

The PhilRx platform includes a program dashboard that offers real-time visibility into the prescription process. This feature allows manufacturers to identify bottlenecks, address access challenges, and gain insight into the full prescription lifecycle. Phil continuously reviews program data to provide actionable insights and benchmark program performance, which can be leveraged to further optimize the patient and provider experience.

Drive Affordable Access and Coverage

The future of patient access is here. To learn more about how the PhilRx platform can accelerate your access experience, book a demo with our team. 

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