How Phil Works


Ask your doctor to send your Rx to “PhilRx”


We’ll text you asking for insurance and delivery info

If your doctor sent your Rx to Phil, but you haven’t received any SMS, contact us


Your meds delivered in 2 business days

Rx issued after 3PM may take an extra day to deliver

Why Phil?

Meds delivered to your door on time

Never wait in line for your prescription again

We work with your doctor

Receiving new prescriptions and refills for you

Schedule refills on your terms

You’re in control


We troubleshoot insurance for you

No more playing phone tag

People Love Phil

"With Phil I have one less errand to run and I don’t have to expose my toddler to the germs at a pharmacy. I love that I can order, pause or request early refills right on the website."

Jennifer S

Jennifer S
Santa Clara, CA

"There is always a line at my neighborhood Walgreens. My insurance mail order needs me to fill out a lengthy form. With Phil things are easy - they did everything for me.”

Brian G

Brian G
San Francisco, CA

"Pharmacies making me mad with their pickiness!! Don't want to drive to the store and wait in line. Great job so far Phil .... keep up the great work!! "

Bare P

Bare P
Bradenton, FL

Insurance Accepted

We work with most major insurance providers

Certified Support Team


Secure Platform

How Do I Sign Up

Phil works with your doctors

Ask your doctor to send your prescription to “PhilRx”. Phil will process it and text you for insurance and delivery information. After you respond to the text, your meds will be delivered in 1-2 business days.

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