Determining the Optimal Channel Strategy for Your Pharma Brand

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In this on-demand webinar, Patrick Leary, Phil’s Chief Commercial Officer, discusses challenges pharmaceutical brands are facing and how a well-thought-out channel strategy is essential to these key success factors:

- Speed-to-therapy - Payer Coverage (Approvals of Rx) - Pull-through to First Fill - Adherence to Therapy - Reimbursement

A fragmented commercialization strategy poses significant risks to brand growth and threatens things like the patient and prescriber experience, rates of prescription coverage and pull through, medication adherence, and ultimately, profit margins and commercial success.

In this webinar, you’ll learn some of the market factors impacting channel strategy, such as payer cost control measures, out-of-pocket costs, and patient consumerization, along with seven important channel strategy considerations and eight components of channel partner evaluation. 

You will also see a case study on one brand’s successful launch where they exceeded their commercial and access targets with:

  • A 95% enrollment rate

  • 50% of Trx covered in the first month

  • 3x average adherence vs other channels

  • 4x + net sales vs other channels

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