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Catherine Hill

Catherine Hill is the Vice President of Marketing at Phil. She joined the company at a pivotal time of growth. In this article Catherine shares what attracted her to Phil as a healthcare outsider and how her personal connection to healthcare drew her to the mission to get patients on life saving therapies.

What was it about Phil that caught your attention initially?

There were a few things, but initially my interest in Phil stemmed from personal experience as both a patient with chronic illness and watching my parents experience barriers with getting access to much needed treatment. I have spent most of my career in tech and I was starting to feel unfulfilled by the products I was working on. The prospect of a company built to benefit patient lives by assisting with access to critical therapies was really appealing. Phil offered a unique combination of excellent product-market fit, a strong mission and a world-class team. 

What inspired you to join a company in the healthcare industry given that you have a strong marketing background in industries outside of healthcare?

I have seen “what good looks like” from a product-market fit and team perspective in the fast growth companies I had the privilege of working for in the past. And Phil has it. The combination of a product that is solving a real pain in the market with a team that is talented and passionate about the mission was incredibly appealing. I knew that my strong enterprise marketing background, combined with my experience marketing directly to consumers would allow me to build marketing programs that target the enterprise pharma manufacturers, as well as the consumers - prescribers and patients - in a really unique and robust way. 

What do you think makes a company “marketable”?

Ultimately, a company is marketable when it is solving a real pain. When a company is solving a problem in a way that makes a noticeable difference in people’s lives, marketing is easier. Phil solves real problems for pharma manufacturers, physicians and patients. My job in marketing is to make sure those audiences know that there is a solution to their challenges.  

Is there a formula to how you approach marketing and are there any marketing strategies you will apply at Phil that are unique or new?

I think there are best practices and structures that can be applied that cover about 80% of our marketing but there is a substantial portion that is unique to the situation at a given point in time. For Phil we have a demand-drives-demand strategy supported by a strong content marketing program. We will focus on driving awareness across all of our target audiences with thought leadership and industry focused content that will help make our sales and demand generation activities more efficient. 

Where do you see the marketing team at Phil in the next two years?

We are in a period of fast growth as a company and we are building a marketing function to support that growth. My goal is to build a world class marketing team to communicate how Phil solves problems across all of our target audiences. In two years we will have learned a lot, done a lot of brand building, and worked with a lot of customers to build out case studies. I expect that we’ll be taking those learnings and scaling out the winners as we continue to test and iterate.

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