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This week, we had the opportunity to interview Angie Stigliano, Operational Lead Pharmacist, for our Employee Spotlight series. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit about her, and her experience at Phil. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what brought you to Phil

I have been a pharmacist since 2016. In my pharmacist career I never worked for a startup, so that was one thing that really excited and interested me about Phil. Another thing that really drew me to the business was the mission statement of improving the lives of patients through focusing on better medication access.

The second thing that drew me to this job was Gina Ilyasov, Phil’s former Pharmacist-in-Charge. I had an amazing interview experience with Gina and her team; my experience with everyone at Phil has been welcoming, collaborative, and open. Overall, a tech startup with an innovative concept, on top of working with a pharmacy network that really focused on prior authorizations, securing coverage, and driving access to difficult therapies was really interesting to me. 

What is your favorite part of the job?

I honestly love my job! One of my favorite things about working at Phil is the collaboration and the culture of the pharmacy team and of the company. The culture is very welcoming, patient-centric, and open-minded to change. I really enjoy working with other departments to make noticeable, needle-moving changes that can make a difference to patients and providers, as well as our team internally. Also, I love how my role is centered around identifying gaps in the field  and working with other departments to implement meaningful changes. Lastly, watching the fruits of our team’s labor come to fruition, through witnessing how our solution makes our client’s lives easier and offers patients and HCPs a better experience, is very rewarding.

Great!  So those are all really exciting things, what are things that are challenging for you?

Challenging in this context is not negative, but rather a learning opportunity. One of the more challenging things for me is working on initiatives that are out of my depth of practice. For example, things that  are  more business related is not something I went to school for. For me, this offers an opportunity to figure out what's needed for patients, our clients, and the broader organization - so it’s a challenge in the way that you want to investigate and figure out the best possible solution. 

Shifting gears a little bit, what do you like to do outside of work?

I have lots of different hobbies! I really love to do stuff outdoors. I'm a big runner. I like to do half marathon races once or twice a year. I love rockhounding, hiking, and natural medicine. That's been a big thing for my past. I also enjoy picking fresh things from the earth and making homemade chapsticks and lotions. I travel a lot with my friends and husband. and while I’m not necessarily a foodie, I enjoy trying new foods and dining experiences. I'm also a parakeet owner - I’m very interested in birds and I love to garden too. It’s a fun mix of activities! 

Who are some of your biggest influences?

I would say in my personal life, it’s always been my dad and my mom when she was still alive, was a big influence on me. Both my parents were my best guides and advocates.

Professionally, some of my pharmacy professors like my student advisor, Kelly Crucis. She was a huge help to me when I was going through school. I admired how  calm and collected she was - nothing got under her skin.  At Phil, Gina was a huge influence on me in terms of building my confidence as a leader and effecting change. She really opened my eyes that I have the skillset and opportunity to grow. My new manager, Pat Meyer (VP, Clinical Operations), has given me lots of helpful advice on interpersonal relationship building and business development best practices. 

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