Guide to Life Sciences Hub Design

A playbook for speciality lite leaders looking to offer a cutting-edge digital hub that maximizes value for patients and providers
hub design playbook

Hub services represent a major touchpoint with patients and healthcare providers, yet many brands struggle to effectively drive engagement. To support today’s patients and providers, brand teams should consider a digital patient services model that maximizes patient access. Chart a new course with this playbook, where you’ll dive into the data behind digital hubs, learn key strategies for maximizing hub adoption, and read success stories from life sciences manufacturers that have successfully introduced a digital hub.

In this playbook, you'll learn:

  • Why digital hub models are gaining popularity among biopharma brands

  • Strategies to help your brand maximize patient outcomes through your hub

  • How biopharma companies are successfully leveraging digital hubs

Create a digital-first access experience

The demand for digital access is at an all-time high. If you’re looking for expert guidance on how to build a successful digital hub, we’re here to help - book a demo of the PhilRx patient access platform for a personalized tour.

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