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Improving Prescription Coverage at the Pharmacy

A manufacturer’s guide to optimizing prescription coverage through strong pharmacy partnerships

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Pharmacies play a pivotal role in brand success. Through strategically integrating your dispense network into your access strategy, you can successfully improve coverage and accelerate patient adoption. This white paper uncovers the pharmacy dynamics that underpin pharmaceutical brand growth, and outlines actionable strategies to help you build a strong pharmacy partnership that optimizes coverage at the counter.

In this white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • Identifying key players in the pharmacy landscape that impact brand success

  • Actionable steps to evaluate the efficacy of your pharmacy network

  • Key strategies to maximize covered dispenses, adoption, and refills

Optimize coverage at the counter

Tap into the power of an access-driven pharmacy network. Discover how the PhilRx patient access platform can strengthen coverage, access, and GTN for your brand.

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