How to Choose the Best Commercialization Partner to Drive Patient Access

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Is a pharmaceutical hub the best solution for commercializing your therapies?

For well over a decade, pharmaceutical hub services have played a pivotal role in supporting patient access to life-saving and life-altering advanced drug therapies. Unfortunately, hubs tend to be a partner with low customer satisfaction rates and lower than ideal coverage and adherence. So, what is the best way to support patient access to critical therapies?

Amid the shift to value-based care, patients’ prescription out-of-pocket burden has increased, particularly for specialty tier drugs. Out-of-pocket cost is a big factor in prescription abandonment and medication adherence. A 2019 Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll revealed 1 in 5 patients did not fill a prescription and 3 in 10 did not take their medication as prescribed due to cost. Close to 60 percent reported they had difficulty affording $100 or more per month on prescriptions.

In response to market changes, hub models evolved to consist of a broad array of services that support market and patient access across prescription drug tiers. When contemplating patient access services for your brand, it’s essential to consider the value of a commercialization partner, determine what level of services will offer the best fit, and evaluate five other key factors.

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