White Paper

For Pharmacy Brands, Pharmacy Matters

The ultimate guide to unlocking prescription coverage at the pharmacy for life sciences


The pharmaceutical supply chain is complex and involves numerous stakeholders, including manufacturers, wholesale distributors, pharmacy benefit managers, and pharmacies. For manufacturers, the stakes are high. According to Deloitte, it costs an average of $2B to bring a pharmaceutical product to market; however, 36% of all new launches do not meet expectations. When it comes to commercialization strategy, many pharmaceutical manufacturers tend to either overlook or fail to understand the nuances of the dispense network. Yet, one of the primary contributors to post-launch success is affordable and timely product fulfillment at the pharmacy. Read this white paper to discover how life science and pharmaceutical companies can take steps to optimize coverage of their brands through their dispense network.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • An Overview of the Pharmacy Landscape

  • 2 Understanding How Pharmacies Impact Brand Success

  • Evaluating Your Pharmacy Network Through the Lens of Coverage Optimization

Unlock the value of your product

Superior clinical trial results do not guarantee commercial success. A robust clinical profile is no longer enough – you need a value proposition supported by real-time data and a go-to-market strategy that optimizes market access and patient and provider engagement. If you are interested in learning more about what the Phil Platform can do for your brand, contact us to get started.

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