5 Ways PhilRx Meets Patients’ Expectations for Digital Healthcare

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From travel and entertainment to shopping and banking, digital experiences surround consumers daily. So, it should come as no surprise that they have high expectations for seamless and connected digital experiences in healthcare. And these expectations are driving demand. The estimated size of the global digital health market in 2023 was $240.9 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of almost 22% through 2030. A strong U.S. market for e-prescription services is a driver of this growth. According to a 2023 consumer survey, 69% of respondents preferred to refill their prescriptions virtually rather than in person – an eight percentage point increase from the previous year.

A digital hub can be instrumental in breaking down patient access barriers to retail and specialty-lite therapies. And, ensuring that it has a user-first design that effectively meets consumer expectations is critical. Here are five ways the PhilRx Digital Hub supports brand teams’ efforts to meet those expectations:

1) Streamlined access to medications

Consumers want digital solutions that provide easy and quick access to healthcare services and information, including their prescribed medications. PhilRx Digital Hub streamlines the patient access experience from start to finish by integrating various services, such as prescription management, program enrollment, benefits investigation, prior authorization (PA) assistance, and prescription delivery. With digital tools that deliver a frictionless experience on par with what consumers experience in other industries, this integration ensures that patients can receive their medications without unnecessary delays, addressing the expectation for convenient, hassle-free access.

2) Communication and engagement

Many pharmaceutical companies struggle to engage effectively with patients. A patient services program that is too complex or not delivered in a consumer-friendly way is bound to underperform. Today’s consumers expect an anytime-anywhere mobile experience. With 8 out of 10 preferring digital channels to communicate with healthcare providers and brands, it is essential to consider how a hub partner engages with patients. PhilRx provides digital communication tools that enable brand teams to engage with patients on their terms, including a patient portal, digital enrollment, and text reminders to keep patients informed about their prescription at every step. 

3) Affordability and transparency

With the rise in out-of-pocket healthcare costs, consumers are more concerned than ever about the affordability of their medications. Drug utilization management requirements, such as PAs and step therapy, often lack the transparency required for patients and their providers to make informed treatment decisions that support adherence. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have an opportunity to build trusted relationships with patients by enabling greater visibility into the prescription journey. While keeping patients in the loop, PhilRx provides real-time information on out-of-pocket costs, insurance coverage, and available copay assistance programs. This transparency helps patients navigate the complexities of medication access more efficiently while pharmacy network integration drives affordability. 

4) High quality care

Consumers expect digital solutions to improve their quality of care. PhilRx utilizes data analytics and automation to enhance the quality of care for patients by:

  • Offering education and support to maximize enrollment and ensure a positive experience with the brand’s patient services program 

  • Boosting adherence by automating the prescription refill and streamlining the delivery process 

5) Data security and privacy

In a 2022 survey, 9 out of 10 patients believed their provider or hospital should be able to review and verify the security of health apps before those apps gain access to their health data. With the unprecedented number of healthcare security breaches in 2023, data security and privacy concerns continue to grow for consumers using digital health services. At the same time, patient access has become more complex, increasing manufacturers' compliance challenges. PhilRx is a fully HIPAA-compliant system that handles all patient data securely. Only licensed pharmacy personnel and HIPAA-certified patient advocates can view relevant patient information. Any sensitive information entered on hub forms is encrypted using SSL or other technologies.

Meet patients where they are with PhilRx 

PhilRx Digital Hub meets patients' expectations with a user-first design that seamlessly connects them with their prescribed therapy. We offer an alternative channel solution to help retail and specialty-lite brands drive patient access, unlock coverage, and maximize reimbursement without compromising gross-to-net. Our consultative approach uses real-time insights to provide strategic recommendations and visibility across the prescription journey - book a demo for a personalized tour of the PhilRx Digital Hub.

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