Medication Access, Simplified.

We are on a mission to help people get their medications quickly, easily and affordably.
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The PhilRx Patient Access Platform

Designed to transform patient access, the PhilRx platform yields the highest rates of adherence and covered dispenses.
  • Seamless HCP and Patient Experience
  • Simplified Prior Authorization
  • National Dispense Network
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Real-time HIPAA Compliant Data and Actionable Insights

How the PhilRx Platform Supports:

Life Sciences

Ensures negotiated formulary access results in covered dispenses, transforming outcomes for manufacturers.

Healthcare Providers

Removes barriers to medication access so patients can seamlessly start and adhere to therapy.


Helps you get your prescriptions quickly, affordably and transparently.

Ready to learn more?

Our consultants will work with you to analyze your current channel strategy and make recommendations for how to improve patient access and increase the percentage of scripts getting covered by insurance.