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The best commercialization partner to drive access

Is a pharmaceutical hub the best solution for commercializing your therapies. For well over a decade, pharmaceutical hub services have played a pivotal role in supporting patient access to life-saving and life-altering advanced drug therapies. Unfortunately, hubs tend to be a partner with low customer satisfaction rates and lower than ideal coverage and adherence

Defying the Mid-Cycle Curse for Specialty Pharma

Mid-cycle specialty products often face challenges when it comes to reaching patients several years after launch. Case Study: Women’s Health Product Phil was able to assist our client with turning around a tumultuous post-approval journey. Reimbursement challenges led to poor uptake and the pharma manufacturer brought on a telemedicine company to help with the prescribing and authorization process

Meet Deepak Thomas, CEO & Founder of Phil

Deepak Thomas is the founder and CEO of Phil. He started the company as patient zero after being diagnosed with a chronic illness in the late 90s and struggled to navigate his own care within the complex US healthcare system. Several years later, he applied his experience in tech to build a solution that expands and simplifies patient access to specialty drugs, while aligning economic incentives for therapy manufacturers

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