Buried under prior auths?


Prescriber Benefits

  • Prior authorizations handled for you
  • 1-click refill authorization
  • Remind patient of follow-up appointments
  • Prescribe via your current eRx system or fax

Patient Benefits

  • Phil increases medication adherence by 56%
  • Same copay, low cash prices
  • Free delivery
  • 365 days a year customer service

Over 36,000 doctors in all major states are prescribing to the fast-growing Phil network


How It Works


Send Rx to Phil

Nothing new to learn, send your prescriptions to Phil via eRx or fax. Patients receive medications overnight at no additional cost.


Initiate Refill or Prior Auths

Reduce your pharmacy paperwork with 1 simple button to initiate authorizations. We’ll take care of the rest.


Track Medication Adherence

Summary or per-patient reporting on medication adherence at your fingertips. All at no cost to you.

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