Our Mission

We started Phil with the simple conviction that the medications we take should improve our sense of wellbeing. In other words, we should not have to suffer through an inconvenient, stressful and archaic experience to ensure a consistent supply of our medications. As folks who take recurring prescriptions ourselves, we decided to do something about it: we started Phil.

Perhaps as important to our individual wellbeing is the need for community wellbeing; which is why Phil partners with top-rated, locally-owned, community pharmacies who pride themselves in caring for their customers. We are simply honored to help you with this essential part of your wellbeing - please do reach out and tell us how we can get better at it.


We’re a small tight-knit team of technologists and healthcare professionals based out of our sunny little office in dynamic downtown San Francisco. Interested in joining us? Send a note to careers@phil.us


Our Investors

Our world-class team of investors have a longstanding track record of supporting companies that have disrupted status quo in a wide variety of industries.

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Phil is a rapidly-growing startup in the heart of San Francisco. Interested? Email Us